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RE: TITICACA LAKE (Part 1) – Taquile Island - Maybe I chose the wrong day…

in OCD4 years ago

We're here in Peru but we skipping the Titicaca. Looks so beautiful though! That grilled trout looks good and the soup looks interesting.


You have been South America before, right? If I remember correctly. So now you are there for second time?!
I saw your blog. U seem to have good time there with him 😁😁
How long will u be there in South America?

I have never been to South America.. Only Central America :D Thought I would be here for 2-3 month in Peru but now Thinking of just 1-2 :/ I miss the flavourful and spicy Asian food Hannnngggg

Haha. I just remember you said something America. xD.
Honestly, I had a hard time in south America because of local foods. It didnt fit with my Asian taste. I had to took Pizza and burger all the time. If you’re craving for Asian food, China Wok food chain may help. 😁

Hahaha yeah, I might end up there so soon. Asian craveee

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