So Where Do We Go From Here?

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Is It Safe To Come Out?

I took a break from studying earlier today because I found some motivation to write something bullish about Steem, which I quickly lost after forcing myself to read through the resignations of the people in charge of making my ideal vision of Steem a reality.

I must've read those short updates 4 or 5 times before I started to look for answers to questions that I would have to probably wait 13 weeks for.

I mean, Justin isn't dumb right? He had to of thought this all through. He invested way too much money into buying Steemit Inc, that there is no way he didn't expose Dpos, ruin the integrity of our chain, and surprisingly bring the whole community together with one goal in mind.

I was angry, confused, and excited all day. Way too many emotions for someone trying to focus on studying Pharmacology.

Once the dust settled and we succeeded in voting in the witnesses necessary to thwart any more attacks from the raging sun, I began to kind of freak out.

So where do we go from here?

  1. The staff at Steemit Inc is quitting left and right.
  • Well Justin has a lot of resources and staff, so I'm sure development won't be non existent.
  1. We're at a stalemate with Justin and multiple exchanges with powered up user funds.
  • If we agree update the code to shorten the power down, so exchanges can unlock the funds of their users the price will most likely crash.
  • What happens if we make the exchanges wait 13 weeks?
  1. A future that the community hard forks away Sun's influence is looking almost inevitable.
  • Is there any future for a fork of a blockchain that has proven to have the ability to
  1. lock up users funds with witness consensus. (I understand why it was done and actually agree, but investors might think different)

  2. Come under attack with centralized stake via exchanges (I believe a coordinated attack like this will exponentially harder in the future)

  3. Has a competitor with far more resources. (getting exchanges to recognize the fork and attracting enough liquidity to survive seems like a hard sell when hundreds of projects are ready to pump during this next bull market.

Each of us have a decision to make.

Do we power down and wash our hands of all of our invested time and money we allocated for the growth of ourselves and community.

Do we double down on our investment and buy and power up as much Steem we can get our hands on, thus further weakening the hold that those with large centralized stake have on our community.

Do we simply do nothing and watch and wait for our burning star to explode into a supernova symbolizing the inevitable extinction of life in our universe.

Whatever you decide, remember why you came here in the first place. Relish the moment when the community rallied together and took back what was ours. Feel inspired to give me a fat upvote before the worlds ends!

And Steem On.



The Steem blockchain is currently being attacked by a central authority in order to take control of the witnesses. If you are not managing your witness votes, please consider setting @berniesanders as your witness voting proxy by clicking here to help restore the decentralization of Steem.

Welp, I guess i'll strap in then lol