Even Through The Fire

in OCD3 years ago


2019, I really felt my mortality
Like shit....he coming for me?
In that moment, breathing slow
No longer to see how shit unfolds
Would...she...still cry for me?

It's kinda silly, but let me tell u who, I tried to be.
Grew up wanting to find love, so strong, she'd die for me.
No yellow brick road, if I strayed, she'd guide for me.
Pop's died, before I realized that this world, lied to me.

I need the truth, I wish I knew
that the ceiling might be glass
but that floor, still clear right under you.

I'm holding too much weight
will I fall, if I'm not back at school?
Fuck a year off, came too far
Just focus in, it's time to make my move.

And the marathon continues.....



Oh what the heck, you decide to return to Steem when my upvote is useless :)

And about mortality in 2019... it's like that whole year was conducted by the Grim Reaper... Mother died year ago... her husband's health took a cliff dive... Really makes me think! :O I'm not getting any younger, homes!

And Steemit is the crypto equivalent of North Korea now!

Dude, I’m so sorry about your mom and pops Overkill :(

Oh, I’ve been eating my popcorn and binge watching this show! Can’t wait to see the szn finale, when I find out if 3 years of almost every extra penny I’ve earned goes to zero 🤭

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