Anticipating Rain, We Can't Make The Same Mistake Again...

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Steem Community Went Plus Ultra!

A phrase from one of my favorite anime shows My Hero Academia, which basically means go beyond your limit.

What we were able to do as a collective....I mean holy shit guys, gals, and bots! We're freakin awesome.

The first feeling I felt after realizing that Justin wasn't the second coming of Warren Buffet was, "There is no way in hell, I'm going out like I did during the last bull market"!

Being left with the bag freakin sucks and my intuition is telling me to cut my losses and stay safe with Bitcoin, but my emotions telling me THIS IS WHERE YOU DIE!

I mean, maybe I was never meant to become the genius who invested into crypto and became a traveling instagram influencer who gave up dentistry for a life of beaches and mojitos.

If that's the case, then maybe I should just not put on sun screen and ignore several of the accounts that inspired me to go big or go home's decision to start a power down.

I mean they have a much larger stake than me and it makes sense to protect their investment, but something seems off when they preach all of these pro steemit ideas and forget to share their concerns about their big bags.

Are they trying to not spread FUD out of the goodness of their hearts or to not freakout the community before they can dump their bags?

Who knows, but i'd implore all of you to take everyone's stake into account when taking in all of the information getting thrown at you.

The best thing you can do in a decentralized community like this is to establish what you value, but also be able to understand and empathize with other's view point.

I am so Pro Steem right now and don't plan on powering down this account, which is honestly an emotional decision.

There are so many variables like

  1. What the exchanges are going to do if we don't come to the negotiating table with an option to undo their mistakes.

  2. What if we come to the negotiating table and properly utilize our leverage with a plan that's a win win for both parties and we get,

  • multiple exchange listings and usd pairings
  • Stupid liquidity
  • Momentum from all of the press
  • Justin pumping the hell out of Steem via what he does best
  • SMT's via the SPS supporting all of our down but not out developers
  • Recruitment of high profile content creators who hop on the train
  • No more ninja mine hanging over our head
  • No more Centralized entity holding back development
  1. What if the exchanges are waiting for the hard fork to be coded so they can quickly vote for witnesses again and take back what's theres and all of this be over? The trust on all fronts would be replaced by the fear of getting accounts frozen, centralized censorship, and little upside potential compared to the hundreds of other projects ready to moon.

Time will tell all, but make sure your vision doesn't get clouded by this small win for the community. There are far smarter and richer forces at work here and they've shown the capabilities of doing whatever necessary if pushed to the limit.

Keep ya head up and Steem On!


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