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When Algoma Hansa came out of lay-up yesterday, she was facing the wrong direction in Sarnia, Ontario. It was quite amazing to watch her do a very tight U-turn almost within her own length. Read more about her on Boatnerd's site.

Algoma Hansa is a 472-foot-long tanker operated by Algoma Central Corporation since 2006. She stayed in Sarnia over the winter and looked very smart today as she got underway to begin the 2021 shipping season with a voyage to Nanticoke. She is riding high and empty today.










All ready for her downbound journey! Fair sailing to all working with this ship this season!
Kudos to the person behind the camera for allowing all the viewers to watch this movement.

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Boatnerd - Port Huron, Michigan
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Note: Boatnerd also hosts shipping news, huge amounts of data about almost any "laker" and even many of the "saltie" visitors - and even a book called "Know Your Ships". I would encourage supporting his great work, especially as he has plans to add more cameras in 2021.

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