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Hello, My dear creative steemians, hope you are all well by the grace of Almighty creator. We are facing very critical time ever. The fear of COVID-19 just hugely effect our regular life. In our country Government annouced 10 days lockdown period. I appriciate all of the activities of Bangladeshi Government because they took their deceision in perfect time. As a result the number of Corona virus people only 48 in our country and only 5 people are died and more than 15 are become cure.


One month ago I was decided to posting my wild photography series step by step But because of my personal project for 100 years celebration of Bangobandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman I failed to continue my Wild Capture Series.


In this critical situation I like to share my some motion capture of real beauty of Nature specailly the birds capture to entertian you all. Hope you all like this.


Parrot are most beatiful gift of nature and It is one of the most beautiful birds in the world. For it's beautiful green body color and pink color lips.


Among the birds The Mayana and The parrot only can talk like human being if they are trained. Parrot was very common figure in our country but now a days its rarely seen in our regular enviornment. If I want see a beautiful parrot you have to visit any tropical forest in Bangladesh and parrot are available in every forest in Bangladesh.


I capture those photo from a very famous turist place in Bangladesh called Shatshori in Syhlet. It's really very beautiful forest with great natural resource.


The Big size Cotton tree known as a Shimul tree in our country. Normally the size of this tree are big.When the cotton flower is bloom this tree become the queen of beauty and the cotton flower is very favourite food for the parrot. So in the beginig of spring parrot are used to find in the top of the cotton tree in our country.


When I was able to see the parrot in the top of this cotton tree, I become very exited to capture it with the great view of beautiful cotton flower.


I attached my camera lense and started to click radomly, from various view, I tried to capture every motion of this parrot. With the motion of parrot I used to change my position randomly.


Birds are always very favourite to me, because naturally they give me company in the time when I capture them. This parrot also did the same thing. I was feeling like that It was giving me company, and became a model of my photography.


It was busy to collecting It's food from the cotton flowers, by flying one branch to another branch of cotton tree.


The parrot was looking so beautiful when It was eating something form the cotton flower by chaning it's position randomly and using it's lip and legs together.


The focus point of my lense was always in the eyes of the parrot, most of the time I feel that It's was watching my activities and giving me company. So I was able to capture It's eyes in my each and every shoot.


Once the parrot fly away, I thought that It was ran away, but I made me surprise It came once again and sitted in the another branch of the Cotton tree and I have to Change My Capturing Position.


I'm a very much lover of Nature and specialy I love the birds of our nature. I become very socked when I noticed that the common birds our of nature are in the danger Zone for our activities, I feel very shocked.


I always trying to capture them in my frame, Because one day It will come there will no any cotton tree in our country, and there will no parrot in the top of the cotton tree.


Those day Parrot will find only internet, my blog will be a history, human being will surprise, that such kind of beautiful birds was in earth, I'm really very lucky that I'm able to capture such kind of beauty of nature in my frame.


#COVID-19 could be a great message for us, It could be a warring for us, It could be a advice to go back in the nature, It could be a example for us, if we are not protect our nature and natural resource we have to lock down ourself forever.


Every kind of killer viruses are comes from our nature, Nature create viruses for us and we invented cure for those viruses form our nature. We are unable to create anything without our nature. Let's try to feel the power of our nature behind the beauty of our nature and determind ourself to protect our nature form the root.

For better exprience you can download all picture and can make a slide show and hope it will be a great veiw.

Thanks for passing through. Hope you are all enjoy my capture. To support my work please upvote and resteem.


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