It becomes easy when you understand it.

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“Life is good to those that understand it” — this saying was culled from a movie script I saw online while flipping through some notifications on my mobile phone. Narrowing this narrative to one area of my life that I think is replicating the end result of the quoted word above is the area of friendship. This is one area that is an essential ingredient in the human race as it is a matter of fact that humans are social beings that love to interact with one another whether inwardly or outwardly.

The current time in the world right now has been plagued with a pandemic that has caused many nations to lockdown and exercise public safety measures in a bid to curtail the infectious rate and curb the spread of the virus until a vaccine is created but the consequences behind this safety measures has put in jeopardy the global economy and the livelihood of the poor masses at an extreme risk and declining standstill.

In this perilous time many have not been lucky in regards to coping with the difficult situation while others have been damn lucky. To me one thing that has been my saving grace to endure this strange times is the friends that the crypto space has given to me. Damn! Only God knows what and where my family would have been by now because given the current situation; I am very certain the financial hiccups would have increased the level of depression and despair to the highest level similar to the boiling point of a water as my parents fall into the daily earner category.

To be frank, this pandemic has made me tailor my mindset to believe that friends are resources that are priceless. They are profitable investments to indulge in. It is one aspect of life that is crucial to the vast array of understanding needed to make life good to us. Just today I was having a conversation with a good friend regarding the consequences of this lockdown. I was so happy to engage myself in this conversation. The discussion wasn't the kind of topic we do have in the past. The discussion was about the depressing effects of covid-19 in Africa.

Concerning covid-19, almost all Africa countries that have been plagued with the spread of this virus but I never knew Madagascar was affected. If you don't know what Madagascar is. I think you should check the globe's map as this country is located independently at the south pole of the Africa's continent. My friend got to share with me the particular treatment they were using to attack the virus out of patients body that were infected. He told me that the method of treatment is more of herbal approach coupled with the malaria treatment endorsed by W.H.O and the puzzling part of this discussion was when he said the recovery rate is super high with no death recorded — this part in bold got me really impressed but disappointed at the results of my own nation in combating the virus.

Anyway, the knowledge I got from my friend was potent enough to concede to the fact that friendship is one ingredient of a good life. Before ending the discussion, we encouraged each other to stay strong and optimistic of the fact that all these obstacles will become a distant memory someday. It was relieving.

Thanks for reading...

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