Being naive

in OCD4 years ago (edited)

There was this book that frightened me as a little child. I didn't like the contents of the book, the name, the image diagrams used were terrifying to me.

I saw snakes, different forms of diseases and images that preyed on my fears. Well, now that I am grown up I wrought wrong to be afraid and frightened by a book that easily explained the basic and complex knowledge needed at advance level to grok the concepts and mystery behind some unanswered questions in some field in medicine.

At this point, lemme share some images I captured with my smartphone. I was cleaning my parents room, when I came across the book beside my mother's thing. I learnt recently it was given to her as a gift by a student she sponsored in the university in the late 20th century.


I used to fathom all the creatures here to jump out to bite or kill me with their stings and poison


this image frightened me that my legs could become diseased without a cure


this one made me believe that my mouth would be infected and useless for life. Omg, how terrible my sense of reasoning was as a child


Do you know anytime I gaze at this image.. I use to believe that reading what it entails can break someone legs... Damn, how naive I was in my early childhood days.


book title: your health and you. volume one

I lacked the inkling to interpret within me that all this were images needed to explain diseases and deadly animals. But now that I reflect and flip through the pages in the book I wished I knew what I know now back then. Lol.

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