Magnolia Wonder

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Every Spring the magnolia trees blossom and it's a miracle to watch how it all unfolds...

This year unfortunately the blossoming time has been very much reduced because of the weather (we got some snow only a week ago!), but still there were a couple of days when the flowers opened and rejuvenated everything around them with their freshness and beauty.

So here are some impressions!



After taking these pictures I noticed that the bark of the tree shimmered in a beautiful green-yellowish color and looking a bit closer I realized that the branch actually looked like the trunk and face of an elephant! Can you see it?!





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Definitivamente, la existencia de las cuatro estaciones nos da otro enfoque de las causas biológicas de la floración de las plantas. En Venezuela solo contamos con una estación seca y otra lluviosa., que comenzó el pasado 15 de mayo de 2020. Nosotros vemos flores casi todo el año. El todo es que el vegetal disponga de agua, nutrientes y las condiciones de luz solar y hormonas necesarias. Lo invito a seguir el siguiente enlace:
Saludos. aliriera

Definitely, the existence of the four seasons gives us another approach to the biological causes of plant bloom. In Venezuela we only have one dry and one rainy season, which began on May 15, 2020. We see flowers almost all year. The whole is that the vegetable has water, nutrients and the necessary conditions of sunlight and hormones. I invite you to follow the following link:
Regards. aliriera

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