Setting sun or too little, too late?

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About two weeks ago I wrote a post considering what would happen if Justin Sun and his supporters "won" the battle for Steem. It was called the sound of 340 million Steem being dumped and the simple choice.

The simple choice was:

As I see it, the only move for SCT to protect their significant stake value is to remove the votes from the Justin Sun witnesses and allow the real Steem witnesses do their job.

Perhaps the announcement from @blocktrades and developers about the move to another chain has moved them to try and act?


Too little, too late perhaps, as regardless of what happens now, there has already been weeks of work invested into developing another chain, so it is unlikely to be scrapped at this point due to the sunk costs.

As I earlier wrote, if they had chosen to support the Steem witnesses instead:

The funny thing is that from that position, there might even be the potential for a real win-win where even Justin Sun might get a benefit out of it, as the Steem witnesses aren't only looking out for their individual stake, as they know that the value of it is tied to the entire Steem community. The Steem witnesses protect the chain and the community because it is in their best interest to do so.

At this point, I don't think a win-win is anymore possible for Justin Sun due to the damage he has done - and the only real hope for the SCT community would be to pretty much immediately make a move and perhaps get a chance to hold some of the community here. Unlikely perhaps.

I think that what has been political maneuvering from the SCT community has meant that they have backed themselves into the corner of the blockchain and the house is very quickly going to empty. In an attempt to capitalize on their investment, it might have cost them everything. It appears that 340 million Steem is going to dump on everyone, themselves included. While politicians are expected to line their own pockets, perhaps not everyone is cut out for politics.

The feeling of power is great and I am sure they felt very powerful and the masters of their own destiny the last few weeks, but once the announcement of a new chain was made and the active community seems keen to support it, their power has been effectively cut off at the knees, as they have no power on the new chain, other than their stake that will be ported over to the new coin. The difference there will be, there will be no Steemit Inc stake to back them again - and it is likely the rest of the ex-Steem community will remember these weeks for some time to come.

What is interesting is that the Steem community that has accepted the conditions and are ready to move to a new platform and home, they are relatively calm as they will be moving with what has essentially become their friends and family. Those without relationships or who have been in tight circles, might have a little bit more anxiety over the move and those who might not be as welcome due to their behavior, might be panicking, especially if they have a large stake, as they might lose the value of Steem, but be hamstrung on the new chain to increase further.

As I have said, the SCT community is a highly-staked, but very small group of users who have largely kept to themselves and supported themselves for the last few years. while the larger Steem community hasn't likely done much to try to include them, they also haven't done much to be included, and while this is a stake-based system, social rules still apply - and generally, that rule is that the majority rules the social layers.

While I still have no idea what the intentions are of all factions of Steem - I do think that there has been a lot of overreach in many of them and that has created further fractures. At any rate, as one of those who is sitting on a user layer, it is fascinating to observe the dynamics and watch the rise and fall of the power plays and trips.

We all have had the chance to build our homes on Steem.
Every community has pyromaniacs.

[ a Steem original ]



It seems that "money for nothing culture" inevitably ends up with the players either fighting over smaller and smaller crumbs; OR with the house of cards collapsing; OR playing to an audience of basically themselves.

Absent the greater community of real people, I think the "$20 lunch photo" crowd will find themselves discovering what their content truly is worth... regardless of whether they stay behind, OR try to move over to the new home of the community.

What's interesting about all this is that the fork in the road we're now at perhaps will being us back to some of Dan's original ideals of "this" blockchain as a repository of information from all manners of content creators, there for people to access for a very long time. Those ideals, mind you, predate the influence of Ned's Hair and the Confederacy of Dunces that seemed to think His Former Vagueness actually had some kind of clue below the hair...


It is going to be an interesting progression that will move in several directions simultaneously, the way the nature of decentralization intended. Though, with so much current IRL tumoil, I wouldn't have minded a little stability here.

Yup. Alas, we don't get to choose the timing of our crises.

Like the financial markets... didn't get to choose that the corona crisis just happened to overlap with another major financial debacle... the oil price war. So now we have a meltdown caused by a sort of one-two effect.

yes, no one "chose" it... :D

It's unfortunate how a negative force can turn folks into something that wouldn't normally represent their true nature.

Never wise to cast aside self-discipline, especially when everyone is watching.

Maybe it brings true nature out. I am an observer by nature - I will keep watching.

A master of disguise rarely takes the mask off. Those were amateurs.

I don't think they ever put the mask on and were surprised that they were interrupted mid-wank when the EIP walked into their corner.

The path of least resistance was a simple course correction.

It's hard to watch people dig their holes deeper and deeper, when you know all it takes to help them are a few simple words.

The dishonest will never trust the honest though. They only own one pair of shoes.

My only concern around a new chain is the name. I liked being a steemian, what will I be on this new chain?

These are the big questions right now, and it is starting to make me anxious.


a Hivean? A Cell? Worker bee? ;D

Worker bee has a ring to it. But lets keep workshopping it

Can't wait for the announcement, everything else is just speculation. I wish there was some sort of punishment for powering down. Perhaps those with SP or hivep will remember who had their foot out the door and was ready to abandon ship before the women and children.

Perhaps those with SP or hivep will remember who had their foot out the door and was ready to abandon ship before the women and children.

Should have been tracking it for 4 years prior to this.

Never Power down. Ever.

What happens, if we get the majority and fork out everyone here ? And then may be fork that to create the new chain ?

Anyway, I have started powering down. As I saw in some other posts, the new chain would also reward based on liquid rewards, but details are yet to come. What is your strategy ?

I haven't much of a strategy at this point, but will wait to see what the details for the fork are.

Just sit tight. Hive is on the way.

Yeah I agree this pissing contest has gone on long enough and by all means let them continue lets just fork and move on with our lives and projects. If they want to keep their chain alive good luck to them, I'm ready for the fork

you have been impatient for weeks though :P

They won’t be forked out as that would set a very bad precedent. But I reckon the $10 soup bowl pictures ripped off the Internet will not be tolerated for long.

Yes. the corner is gone.

I will be proud to enter the “HiVE” 😎

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Got HiVEs?

Hive to the moon man.

The old Steem is dead. We are all moving to the New Steem Blockchain..... see @blocktrades proposal.

umm.. yes. I know.

Awesome. See you there bro.

Justin Sun Steem Tron is dead.... the community is moving over to the new Blockchain. Hive

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