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A couple of weeks ago I started back at the gym after over a year away. So far, it has mostly been pretty light weights and moves to try and get my body somewhat prepared for heavier pushing. I figured it as going to take me longer than I had first thought after I struggled to bench my old warm up weight. Getting old.

Last night I did my first 'proper' workout and this morning I am feeling it, especially in places I shouldn't be, like my neck. I have spent so much time sitting over the last year that my body parts are out of sync with each other and effectively no longer well connected when moving.

The neck pain is a symptom of frozen shoulders while typing and arms while on the phone. A client yesterday was saying her doctor said her back wasn't bad enough yet to warrant an adjustable table in the workplace. I found this interesting considering preventative healthcare is much cheaper for everyone than rehabilitation. Keeping healthy is easier than treating sick.

I should know this.

I have also started being a little more strict with my diet and cutting out stone empty calories. I am already feeling the difference, even if I don't think it is visible yet.

For the younger folk who may be reading this, it is easy to feel like your body is always going to recover and absorb the dietary abuse but, it really is a slippery slope and if not careful, a cliff. We are all likely to live longer than the current averages so we should think much longer term than what we look like in the mirror today. I am going to take it all more seriously.

Well at least, that is the plan.

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The tough road back as it is tough for the first week or two and then you start losing the stiffness and aching. I keep looking at the gym equipment as though they are the enemy but I know I need to take them on again some time soon. You need to get fit to take on your house challenge lol.

I think this is a great move in the right direction. Do take care of your frozen shoulder if that is what it is. The outcome most times is not good. I used to know an orthopaedic surgeon who had frozen shoulder and was so scared of doing a surgery for the fear of people thinking his hands may not be good for surgery again. So he is steadily on intracapsular steroids ... You could also reduce the weight or intensity of the work out a little. Just a suggestion..