Action and reaction

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For every action, there is a reaction and every reaction is another action that creates another reaction and so on and on. When you look at life this way, it is all pretty simple and all of what is has stepped through countless cycles of this process. However, we aren't created to keep things simple and instead are able to look into the past and infer meaning that we will apply to trying to reach future positions. We act in the present moment on what we know hoping to get to where we want to be.

But, what we know is always limited and always will be because not only are we incapable of seeing all influencing factors of the past, we place our own warped perspective on what we see. It doesn't matter how clever or objective we think we are or, how well we think we know, we just can't know well. But, with this poos knowledge in hand, we create our wants for the future, positions we want to reach and then, we act to try to get there with the belief that how we are acting is the best way.

This means on potentially very poor information we move and even if we were the only being in the universe moving, reactions to our movement would happen and the environment will shift accordingly, it will change. We won't see all of these reactions though as they are now part of the past and, we definitely will not see the chain of events as they keep fractaling motion outward. Yet, we are likely on our chosen path based on limited information that hasn't factored in all of the reactions and reactions of reactions that are now influencing factors upon our position. We have attached ourselves to a future and a way to get there but have possibly failed to realise that either where we want to go and how we approach getting there is no longer possible.

Essentially though, no matter what people may claim, there is a massive amount of unknown about how things work, what actually happened in the past and, the future is infinitely unknowable. Once we factor in all of the movements of other people trying to reach their own desirable positions on their own limited information pools, there are bound to be conflicts as the actions and reactions will tend to bump headlong into each other as they are often going to compete for space and resources. As they hit against each other, more reactions fracture and splinter off into new movements.

None of us are going to get exactly what we want unless we continually reshape our perspectives to accept whatever happens into it as what we really wanted instead of what actually happened to us. This may work for some but in all likelihood, disappointment is going to be a common partner in this life, for some more than others. And, the actions that spiral out from that disappointment will have reactions that create more unforeseen events that will impact backwards and on others.

At the end of the day, we all do our best with what we have and hope that we can get somewhere near where we hope to be or better. Sometimes what appears a poor result turns into a great one and vice versa but, no one has much control over what leads in to their action or, what leads out from their action. Some people seem to be able to ride the waves while others are continually crushed on the rocks and often, what some appear to get easily takes a lot of work, a lot of luck and, a lot of disappointments to achieve.

Because of the way it all works, we are sometime and perhaps unfortunately, all in the same boat paddling in different directions. We might splash a lot but don't get very far, very fast and, we all get wet sometime. As alone as you might feel or want to be, no one actually is and, most people carry similar experiences in more areas than many are willing to admit publicly.

We judge with our own imperfect views, believe our judgment is correct and act as if we know. All of us.

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