Leaked report: Facebook, CIA, Blockchain - Us.

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You thought Steemit was the first blockchain social media?

I was handed an internal document today from a protected source which contained some eyeopening details. Some had been heavily redacted but, there was this:

We will continue experimenting with blockchain technology for monitoring and advertising purposes. We expect huge growth and combined with a strategic acquisition plan, we will have access to both government and corporate potentials.

This was March 2011. The document's source? Perhaps some of their acquisitions will give an indicator.

Face.com - Face recognition platform
Jibbigo - Speech translation app
Ascenta - High-altitude UAVs
LiveRail - Publisher Monetization Platform
Wit.ai - Speech recognition
Surreal Vision - Computer vision, augmented reality
Pebbles - Computer vision, augmented reality
CrowdTangle - Publisher analytics
Faciometrics - Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Ozlo - Artificial Intelligence
MSQRD (Masquerade) - Visual effects (Face-swapping)
tbh (app) - Anonymous social media app
Confirm - Government Issued ID Verification Platform

I have left three out of this list but the entire list is at least 67 companies acquired over the last 13 years. The giveaways:

Instagram - Photo sharing
Oculus VR - Virtual reality technology
WhatsApp - Mobile instant messaging

Yes, Facebook. Toward the end of the document was this:

We will keep refining the porting of user interactions onto the private blockchain to ensure the integrity of the data.

From what is available in the document, Facebook have been copying all user interactions across to a private blockchain since early 2010. They have been working out best practice for mining the data for advertisers but, that is the least worrisome aspect.

Jibbigo - Speech translation app
Wit.ai - Speech recognition
Ascenta - High-altitude UAVs
Surreal Vision - Computer vision, augmented reality
Pebbles - Computer vision, augmented reality
Faciometrics - Computer Vision, Machine Learning
Ozlo - Artificial Intelligence
MSQRD (Masquerade) - Visual effects (Face-swapping)
Confirm - Government Issued ID Verification Platform

These have been used in their integration with the US government and what they have deemed 'friendly' governments to investigate ways to control various populations and evoke reaction or, incite rebellion. Tell me, what does Facebook need with High altitude UAVs? Face-swapping... Government issued ID verification?

The have been experimenting and tracking us for years, this is not new information but, the blockchain? No one signed up for immutability, no one signed up for permanence yet, it is all there. Traceable. Every login, every Instagram picture, mood, like, share and, every single Whatsapp message has been tied to us, connected across every account, IPs, check-ins and GPS pings have all been logged and pinned to as many data points as they can gather. They have, everything.

Just like many others, I suspect that it all comes down to a massive conspiracy that is being played out in plain sight. The Russia connections for elections, the advertising leaks... Face swaps, AI, speech recognition and translation.

Facebook are not the spreaders of fake news, THEY ARE THE CREATORS of fake news. We assumed that it was us that was providing all of the content but, it is them, working in close cooperation with governments and corporations. The stories they create if discovered as false or as propaganda, will not lead back to them, as they are washed and laced with misdirects. Others will take the fall, innocents or enemies.

With each acquisition they either strengthen their technology or, broaden their reach. With each new user they tie another knot onto another rope of their web. The document was not long, 8 pages to be precise but, there is enough evidence there. You might say that of course this is to be suspected but:

Facebook as a platform will inevitably be pushed out of favor but at this point "Project:Anon" will already be established. We have our brightest working on the lead-in processes now, headed up by Dan [last name redacted]. He is confident that all will go according to plan.

This report didn't come from Facebook, it came from The Directorate of Science and Technology, the technical branch of the CIA.

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Addendum: 13 companies have been added to the list since I wrote this piece..

A few of interest:

  • Confirm - a startup with technology that specializes in remotely verifying government-issued IDs, like driver's licenses.

  • Chainspace - https://chainspace.io/

  • ServiceFriend - Servicefriend is a customer service bot for messaging. It provides the scalability of a messaging bot with the intelligence, comprehension, and empath of a human.

  • Bloomsbury AI - Artificial Intelligence for natural speech


It’s so crazy man.

Did anyone really, ever think differently?

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