This Is Your Time To Rebuild Broken Bonds

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We are all bound by our duties towards our families and most of us work very hard to provide them with the best facilities. Sometimes, we work so much that we often tend to forget our friends and relatives. No one is to be blamed here as everyone is doing it for a better future of their own families. As technology keeps evolving, people are getting busier. In order to make the best use of technology, we have been ignoring the basic needs of living a healthy life.

When I was a child, I used to spend hours with my friends after school. When the schools were closed for summer or winter vacations, I used to visit my relatives. Life was very simple back then, no responsibilities, nothing to worry about and all I had to do were do a bit of homework after school and then the remaining day was mine. I felt like a king of my own world and I am sure each and every one of you felt the same.

But then times moves so fast and it just feels yesterday when I used to play cricket with friends and do mischievous activities like stealing fruits from gardens and disturbing those grumpy old people. Everything goes absolutely according to the plan until you leave college. As soon as the college is over, people start their careers and now they have a responsibility on their shoulders. But this responsibility takes a huge toll of you as that freedom is gone and suddenly the friend circle becomes shorter and shorter.

This is not the case with only a few people but the majority of the people around the world face this issue. Social media is there to help you remain connected with your loved ones but still, it hasn't been able to bridge the gaps that were created. People may talk to their loved ones over the phone but that doesn't work well always as long as you pay them a visit. Work has kept people so busy that they even forget the names of people they were very close to once.

This coronavirus has left all the world in distress and most of the people are locked in their houses. This pandemic might have cost a lot to you. More than 40k lives have been lost and nothing can set that right. Most people might be facing financial problems at this point in time but you have to look for positives even in adverse situations such as these. Yes, I am talking about those bonds and connections which were lost while you were busy working. This is a perfect opportunity to talk to those people and let them know that you are there.

images - 2020-04-01T032857.672.jpeg
While most people are under lockdown and can not go and meet their friends and family but even a phone call can help in these situations. You are probably working from home but I know the workload isn't as it used to be when you were in office. So just pick up your phone and tell your loved ones, apologize if you have to and let them know that they mean a lot to you.

I hope you liked the post.

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