Macrohard Got Internet But My Dad Got Stroke. New Near-term Plans.

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There will be a slight change in the roadmap for our Macrohard hub in the near-term. Originally, we created a six months plan for its success but things haven't gone to plan. After having paid for some 3 months of rent for the hub, some '2-months & 9 days' of this rent went to waste, as we couldn't get internet installed in it. All the telecommunication companies we applied to failed to show up, until today.

Too, my dad recently stopped speaking for some days, only to find out that he had a stroke. He is now in the hospital, after a night of 'going from hospital to hospital'.

In the mix of all this, I don't have a dime. I have had a quit-notice at my house too that i have been trying to contend with, having owed rent for months; for the first time ever.

I have crumbled so much lately and with my very poor health, it just gets worse. Worse off, how do you express the gravity of these things sufficiently, in such a way that you can get some help, without losing all that is left of 'respect'. I tend to stay mute.

Well, i have internet connected at the hub now, which just happened today and i have decided to hasten matters. The original plan was to start out gather people at the hub first, for the first two months, then integrate a revenue-generation element on the third-month. Now, i will started straight-up with revenue-generation, while impacting the communities; the hub located in the Philippines.

We will be at the hospital for a period at least but in the meantime, i have created these cards to spark the motion of generating revenue via the hub:

People will simply have to buy shirts that i put out to avail of lessons emanating from our hub. From these shirt-sales, we will generate revenue. Per month, we will release a new line of shirts.

The '2-months and 9 months' mentioned entirely, didn't entirely go to waste. I was able to translate the disappointments and created a new project that i intend to work on in the nearest term, a project called 'cryptoulogs'.

If you would like to help me currently, especially donate to help me cater to bill at the hospital, which will in turn help me to rise again, kindly do so. You can send me some STEEM/SBD.


Donate with digital currency

  • My HIVE/STEEM/BLURT wallet: @surpassinggoogle
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  • My ETH wallet: 0xfd5c4f2fe8da3eda1025681f0f86570849249d63

I will look to help you in turn. When i am stable and my project, especially 'cryptoulogs' go live in the near-term, i will like to donate to you some tokens in turn. Besides, when Macrohard goes into full-blown motion and i am able to gather 'brother-programmers' in it, we can work on helping you build your projects, even for free.

Your Boy Terry


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