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We are under pandemic and it’s really an big one if you compare with the last pandemic swine flu then it’s way more bigger than that, according to sources swine flu caused more than 18000 people but corona has surpassed that in very less time now the figures are at 60k+ and looks like it will cause more according to how the cases are increasing very rapidly.

Looking at these things it looks like the current lockdown is going to be long, but we all are at home and planning how we will start when corona ends. So here is top 3 things I am gonna do after corona ends.

1. Going back to Mumbai

I live in Mumbai but few months ago I visited my hometown in north India and I have planned that I will be there for one month and after that I will return to Mumbai but as the cases of corona started increasing in Mumbai but grandpa says stay here don’t go anywhere because traveling is dangerous at this time and after few week India goes into 21 days long lockdown and after that I am at my hometown and looks like this lockdown period is going to increase and that’s not an good sign, whenever it will over I will try to go Mumbai because I have lots of staff to do which I have planned, also I don’t have any money because whatever balance I have all is over so now I am totally dependent on my uncle and grandpa and I really don’t like that.

2. Finding a new job


When I am in Mumbai I am in event organiser job which is totally shut down due to this corona effect and they are saying that they will be not opening there work until next year and that’s an really sad but they have taken right decision so if this pandemic ends in upcoming one or two months then there is an job problem for me which is really big problem at this time which all my savings are finished and whatever I have invested in crypto’s and stocks are badly down so there is no chance that I will withdraw them, so the answer is finding a new job and start everything from the beginning.

3. buying a new PC


Six months ago I bought an old PC online and one week before I came to my hometown from Mumbai I totally lost it.
I do lots of things on the PC like all the tradings, blogging all on PC, currently I am doing it on my phone but it’s not that fast to give me better options. But to buy an PC there is only one option first I have to go back Mumbai find an job and buy an new PC, so everything is dependent on one another so first thing first is the success to key in my senecio and also an universal truth.

Thanks to @theycallmedan creating an initiative like this in this hard time which will really good of you. Hope everyone is fine at there home and do participate in this initiative.

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