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There is always an regret in my mind that some of my best posts doesn’t get any attention on the steem, at this that thing is demotivated me as an content creator, because when you give your time to research and then write an post then you should expect some attention from the community but only got disappointed this is not only my case but there are so many in the list at some time it hurts when we start creating new content. But some posts are truly an gem that getting nearly zero attention hurts the most & that brings me here to write this post.

what I am gonna do with those posts ????

Most of the posts which is in the list is posted on old steem when there is no community option now when you are creating a posts then you have options in which community you should publish that post for better attention, but at that time this is not the option so now I am thinking to repost those posts with new data and improvements in the community which is most relevant to the post topics,

why repost ??

As you know the reward system is allow each post to earn only till 7 days and after that the post almost disappears from the system until you search it down and it is not possible if you don’t even know about that, so if there post like gem and doesn’t have any attention then it’s the only path to but I suggest pls don’t just copy and paste them try to find the ways by which you can improve those posts and if that post is data centric then renew the data and then post it and don’t forget to provide the link if the original post. But be careful when you repost and be sure that those post hasn’t got the needed attention.

paid promotional posts before HF21??

I all of my posts are old and they are published before HF21 implementing on steem and at that time the trend of promoting post is at the peak and I was one of the victims of paid promotion because that doesn’t give any profit just it improves the numbers of the post and that’s it no public attention no more upvote rather than what you bought so in my opinion post are able to repost because those posts only gives losses.

can we use others post to ???

Hey I am not an whale to suggest something like this but yes you can try this with setting the original creator as beneficiary if you are changing less than 95% to 100%
& if you changing a lot then 70-80% relevance to your efforts. But sometimes it also depends on the original author if he had objections then we can’t do anything but who hate money I don’t think anyone will object if that person get proper credits.

tags to use ???

As it’s not an challenge or any contest then you can use your own tags but if it comes to me then the first tag is #oldgems and after that I will use #steem

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