History of the Smederevo Fortress!

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The Smederevo Fortress is located in the town of Smederevo, Serbia, at the site of the mouth of the Jezava River in the Danube. A fortress was erected in the 15th century at the behest of Serbian despot Djurdja Brankovic.
The fort is a classic water fort, surrounded on all sides by water. On the left side is the Danube River near the right side is the River Jezava.
To the south of the fortress I dig an artificial canal that was filled with water from these two rivers. The fortress of Constantinople with its ramparts was taken as inspiration.
This fortress is the largest in the Balkans but also one of the largest in Europe. The fortress is in the form of an irregular triangle. It consists of two parts of the fort.
The first masonry section is in the shape of a small triangle located to the north of the fortress and there was a court of rulers, this part is called "Small Town" and consists of a larger part in which the inhabitants called "Big City".
The fortress was made so that it was almost impossible to conquer the then capital of the Serbian state in Smederevo. The strongest temptation has come from the attack of the Turkish army.
1439 after the three-month siege of the fortress by the Turks, without food the fortress had to be surrendered. In 1453 the fortress repelled the attack of the Turkish conqueror Mehmed 2, in that year Constantinople fell but not Smederevo.
In 1456 the fortress rejected another attack. In order for the fort to finally fall under Turkish rule only in 1459, the official Serbian Despotovina ceased to exist.
Nothing was added to the fort except the 4 outer artillery towers built by the Turks in 1480. Today, only three artillery towers are preserved, on the corners on the outside of the fort.
The people who built the fort all day and night, over winter, summer, rain, snow and other incidents, had to find the culprit for all this and for people who were dying of fatigue to build the fort.
The culprit was a woman of a despot named Jerina, so her people called her "damn" Jerin. The fort is full of history that continues to this day.
Archaeological research is being done and whenever you come to the fort you will see some excavations.
Everything found so far in the Smederevo Fortress can be seen in the Smederevo Museum, which is located just a few meters from the fortress. You can see the remains of the Turkish bath and the church in the fort.
And if you are a lover of not only history but also adventure you can try to find the secret treasure that Jerina hid from the Turkish army somewhere in the fort. If you are a fan of history, adventure, beautiful view from the tower of the fortress, architecture, then you must visit Smederevo and Smederevo fortress.








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