Halfway there - Progress shot of Another awesome work

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Good day guys - It's night over here so Good night to folks enjoying the nocturnal time.


As usual, I'm back on here with business as usual - Art and oh... Here's one I started last night.

Quick short story - I had started this drawing two weeks ago but it later got destroyed by a cousin who paid me a surprise visit and while I was away stepped on the drawing. Here's the work again as I had to plot another grid and start the drawing all over again. As you'd expect, I was very curious with him.

Tools :

GPC graphite pencil 8B
Steadtler Graphite pencil 2B
Tombow mono eraser
GPc charcoal pencil - soft medium
Kneaded eraser
Mechanical pencil 0.7mm
Gloss cardboard paper.

So.. I started this drawing from the right eyes. This has been how I start all my works so I don't suppose they'll be a surprise by now. As this tends to help me draw effectively and easier.


Since I'm not trying to rush this work, My shading at first will not be as blended into eachother as it's still the foundational shading. Popping out now isn't the goal.

I then shade the face.. I have still not added the much more darker values yet and also not added the skin textures ( we'll be seeing that in the next post I make when this work is completed). I added not details yet until the whole work has reached a certain level of form


I them move to the hair. Easy part actually but took quite some time. I had to use two very dark pencils on this part. A very dark Graphite pencil and a Very dark charcoal pencil.. this made for more depth.



I then move to the fingers showing. I enjoyed this part as I love to draw fingers. After this.. I started to add the darker values of the reference picture and here we have the image popping up.


‌What do you think?? Hit or miss?

I am StephenNevetsArt


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Very beautiful portrait and you really work hard on the details, well done!

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