Glad it helps. The more people do it the better. Next step is to kindly ask Steemit to delete the personal information they have collected when I signed up, although I am unsure how best to proceed.

By the way, my recovery account is @anonsteem. Is this bad? Not very active, so I better should replace him?

@anonsteem is run by @someguy123. He is currently the 3rd place witness and he resteemed some stuff 2 days ago which means he is very active.

He meets my category of people I can trust without really knowing. If you personally know someone who uses Steem a lot, you can just set each other as recovery to be safest. In anycase, just make sure you have your owner/master password written down somewhere safe and private and if you lose account access, start trying to recover it back immediately.


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OK, apparently active :) thanks for letting me know @someguy123
So no need to replace!

Yup, still active :)

@anonsteem is still primarily managed by me (owned by @privex for legal reasons though, as per the footer)

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