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Writing stuff you don't necessarily care about to "earn enough to live off" sounds way too much like hard work, definitely may as well just get a job you also don't care about but would probably earn money to live off and be done with it XD

I could probably do 10 comments a day (I don't actually count how many I do a day OH WAIT SteemWorld can tell me umm well okay then if last week is anything to go by apparently I can do 10 comments a day easy peasy x_x) but I can't do daily posts, tried that before, found it too hard x_x hell even the weekly progblogs are occasionally a challenge especially when I feel like I haven't made enough progress (which is most of the time >_> I have ridiculous standards for myself which I know are ridiculous and don't apply to other people).

I see the people who vote on my posts without reading them like patrons who support my work s that others can read them

That's a nice way to look at it, didn't think of that.

Now did you twit this one? [goes looking for the tweet pun]


Sounds like "work" as most define it. Getting a job would be less stressful and earn more. :)

I like seeing your updates. I should comment more :)

Only if you have something to say, the progblogs are probably pretty hard to comment on XD

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