My Introduction to the Hive Community

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And so, let me introduce myself - my name is Denis. I was born in 1980 in the USSR, in the photo on the right, I am not yet 2 years old. This is my first photo in my life, my parents signed up for the photo session in advance and carefully prepared for it. Now this sounds ridiculous - our world has accelerated over the past decades and we produce billions of photos a day. We forward them at the speed of light, we print body parts on a 3D printer, we even print our money online!
But back in 1982, I still do not know anything about this. I’m lying on my father’s and mom’s knees, looking at the photographer - who, trying to attract my attention, says: “Look here - a birdie will fly out now”

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Then the collapse of the USSR and hard times come. I finish school and go to university, to the department: World Economy and Law. After graduating from college and getting a law degree, I was still full of hope that my knowledge would allow me to help people and get a decent salary. But the justice system in Russia is different from the global one - money is above the law. And I start my own business in the production of building materials.

All 2017 I hear about Bitcoin, but I do not fully understand what it is. And only in November 2017 I sit down at the computer and start reading - I read 20 hours a day (at school, in the elementary grades, I had little experience writing code in Basic and theoretically understand how it all works) And in December 2017, I open the company BitcoinInvest - initially we start to engage in exchange transactions for interest, but the bubble bursts quickly and in April 2018 I open the BitcoinInvestNews news site (but since I did everything for the first time and one + bear market) the site died already September 2018. But I got invaluable experience with WordPress and an understanding of how it all works.

I spend all my free time with children and training in the gym. God gave me two boys. The oldest is 7 years old, the youngest will soon be 2 years old. They are from different mothers, but they love each other very much.


My interest in cryptocurrency never died away - I continued to participate in many projects, but the bear market killed everything. In January 2019, I stumbled upon a davincij15 review in YouTube, where he talked about Steem - the phrase davincij15 "If you want to be rich in the future, then I advise you to create an account on Steem right now" After 5 minutes, I already registered ... I read for a long time, studied how everything works and even wanted to leave (since I don’t have English knowledge) but then I saw #Actifit and realized that short messages and photos of my classes in the hall attract attention, then I couldn’t imagine myself without Steem.

I even attracted Jamie's wife @agent.boobs - she sometimes takes photos in #Appics - she likes attention.


Everything that happened then you already know. As soon as I heard about the integration with Tron, I realized that this is the end of the platform and investment. Under each post I wrote that we do not need Justin Sun with his money. I am very happy and grateful to all those who have found a way out. Hive gives us the hope of building a better decentralized community with a fair reward policy.

I am happy to be part of the Hive network and am glad to meet you.


Challenge! - My Introduction to the Hive Community announced by @anomadsoul - you can read more here.


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Regards dear @russia-btc.

Interesting story of your life. Thank you for sharing those personal and family moments with us.

I wish you good luck in this @anomadsoul challenge.

Your friend, Juan.

Thanks Juan - glad to meet you

Nice to meet you too?

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