Keeping Busy During Lockdown

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It's been 2 weeks since the community quarantine started. A lot has happened since then. Government agencies and hospitals are surely chaotic. Streets have somehow been emptied and only one member of the household is allowed to go out. We all are given just one thing to do: Stay at home.

For me, it has been my life ever since I left my job to focus on taking care of my daughter. Not much of my lifestyle has changed. Except for one thing. My husband and I makes sure that our daughter gets a stroll in the park or at the mall once every week. We have our Sunday Family day. But because of the lockdown, we are not able to take her out of the house as often as we used to.

These past few days, I've beem hearing her hints of boredom. So I had to give her lots of activities just to keep her busy.

Physical Exercise

Sincey husband and I often do physical workouts like push ups, planking, pullups and the likes, we took this chance to teach our daughter some of our routines. I had her damce with me during zumba, her father taught her how to do pushups.

Getting creative with toys

I grouped her toys into categories. We played with her toys by set. We have our unicorns playtime, then we have our tea party, then the latest I made was her parking lot. We only have tons of milk boxes, scotch tape and markers so I made a DIY parking lot for her.

Intro to arts

She has always loved painting but I'm slowly easing her into mixing colors.


One of my friends gifted puzzle book. All I needed to do is to cut out the puzzles and let her play. But since my daughter is a natural destroyee, I had to make it a bit sturdy by gluing it into used milk boxes before cutting it out. I knew these used milk boxes would come in handy.

Intro to crocheting

She's not the only one that gets bored so I got my own hobby too. And since children are "monkey see, monkey do," she took one ofy crochet needled and gave crocheting a try. She haven't made even a slip knot yet but I'm sure we'll get there.

Flattening the curve requires that we all follow the mandates from the government. Lesser exposure means lesser ways for the virus to spread. Please only go out if really really necessary. Otherwise, just stay home. I'm sure you too could think of other ways to keep you and your family busy during the lockdown.

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