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This too shall pass, as all pandemics have in history. The planet adjusts and the humans recalibrate. It's a thing. That happens on this planet. This now is what's happening and it's a thing.

Massive disruptor. Always purposeful. Always best results if embraced.

We learn lots of things and we have much opportunity for awareness and awakening. New ways of doing and being. So like anything, don't resist. Stay in your own lane and do what feels right for you. There is no 'right' way of doing this, just as there is no 'right' way for anyone to do their lives.

It's a moment to moment process, subject to change at any given moment.

I strongly suggest; look closely at how you are in affect and what adjustments can be made in your life. Evolution is being amped up big time in all arenas of life. Lots of people are using this time mindfully and intentionally. Good use of this time is going to ease the adrenal fatigue and give one the sense of showing up to continue on the path of the collective evolution.

~Nicole Phoenix Starr


When the storm passes, what will he have learned?

What resolutions will we have made?

Having gone through such disruption, shall we go back to business as usual OR set upon a new course?

When the storm passes, what shall remain standing?

Will the foundations we’ve laid have held tall and strong, or fallen in the winds of change?

Will we have gathered the wisdom & strength to rebuild with greater diligence to ensure the integrity of tomorrow’s structures?

Will we have reflected upon our responsibilities for having contributed to a new world that shall work better for all of us? Or will we have sat idly waiting to be told what comes next?

When the storm passes, who will we have become?

Will we have cultivated greater degrees of patience and compassion?

Will we have taken the time to look inward, recalibrate, and exercise a commitment to offering our best to the world?

Will we emerge with greater clarity on what we shall stand for and how we shall show up in collaborating in the realization of our visions of a legacy we’ll be satisfied to leave behind?

When the storm passes, shall we look back and mourn at the wake of destruction OR smile as the sun shines upon the land which upon we may build anew?


Only three months of this year and look at all that has happened, @rok-sivante! I feel that, like you, I have many questions and very few answers, and I think it's good in this time when everyone presumes to know everything. My wish is that each of the adversities we are presenting will help us to be better human beings, more aware. But I have a hunch that it won't. Because man has a short memory and forgets quickly, hence he is destined to make the same mistakes again and again, to stumble over the same stones. While it is true that I cling to that wise motto of finding the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, I also believe in the motto of having the courage to change what I must change. I send you a hug over here and a million thanks

I think when this is all over people are going to go back to business as usual. There will be some time where they think they are preparing for the next time this happens, but after that, I think they will just fall back into complacency. Hopefully that doesn't happen, but I have a feeling that is what will happen. I finally get some time away from the office next week and I am hoping I can use it wisely.

Интересная статья. Мне понравилось ваше мнение. Извините,что пишу по Русски. Просто переводчик работает плохо.

Google Translator seems to have worked ok as far as I can tell...

Interesting article. I liked your opinion. Sorry to write in Russian. It’s just that the translator does not work well.

Yes, you understood correctly. Just in the morning the translator did not work. I didn’t like your work and I supported you. Although I'm not sure what translates correctly ???

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