The Cult Of Conspiracy: Rabbit Holes To Awakening Or Insanity...?

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I used to be into conspiracy theories for several years. Hungry for knowledge, thirsty for truth, well-aware that the mainstream narratives conventional media and institutions fed us weren't always 100% objective, I sought a fuller-spectrum of information that'd fill in the gaps to provide a complete picture of what the fuck is going on in this crazy world.

And sure enough, there was alot to discover.

There have been several researchers that have done excellent work digging to find obscure facts and piece them together into impressive collections, often compiling such facts into theories. With abundant evidence to support them, many of the theories appear to make logical sense.

Though, through this process of piecing together bits of data into storylines, we human beings often overlook the critical role of cognitive bias in our psychological operations.

We quickly overlook how easily it is for us to distort facts with subjective preconceptions and judgements. We overestimate our own intellectual capacities, trying to make sense of what's in front of us while remaining unaware of what we don't know, in some sort of attempts at the self-preservation of ego. And we often tend to embrace the views of others whose beliefs validate our own, especially should they speak authoritatively and have facts to back their narratives up.

Yet, none of us know the bigger picture. The human brain isn't capable.

At some point, I felt to have ascended out of the conspiracy theory camp. I began seeing many cognitive biases at work in many theories. I could recognize certain patterns at play, whereby logical fallacies became apparent. I developed a greater sense to detect low-theta brainwave signatures within the thought and speech patterns of the cultural programming common to many theories. And I began seeing a broader spectrum of facts that got filtered out of many theories which would invalidate them.

The last month, however, I've been tested again.


No doubt, these times have lent themselves perfectly to the whole conspiracy theory domain - for such a situation is pretty much exactly what had been foreseen, with such global crises being used as a means for further governmental power-grabs and removal of liberties. There were many who saw this kind of thing coming decades away.

Sure enough, old theories have resurfaced. New ones have blossomed, often feeding into the classic storylines. And at this point, sitting in the midst of what may seem like even more, stronger evidence, there seems alot of data available to validate alot of it.

Though, there's also the side of it all where there might potentially be actual confirmation of much of the theories' validity. Enter QAnon.

This month may be a turning point in either proving or disproving alot.

According to the direct Q drops, to David Wilcock's The Great Pandemic series, and several other sources that mirror the same type of info, there's a possibility that alot of shocking info may be coming out this month. True? Time shall tell. If it does turn out to be legit, then we may very well see alot of what's been posed in recently-popular documentaries such as "Fall Of The Cabal" - a collection of theories whose history can be traced much further back - confirmed as more than mere theory.

If not... well, then this may prove an equally-important time to begin reconsidering why some of us have invested so much in fear-based, pessimistic theories and recalibrate from a paranoia that turned out to be unfounded, upgrading our focus to something that might be more helpful.

Which direction it'll head... perhaps we can't know for certain right now.

Though in the meantime, it may be worth reflecting upon what value and purpose subscribing to such theories has served...


Guaranteed, there are aspects of truths to many theories. Just as there's distortion and bullshit to others.

A troubling part, however, may be that there's been an almost cult-like element to the whole conspiracy theory world, in which the distinction between these two poles gets overlooked. At some point, the paranoia through which we've viewed the world becomes such a strong lens, we've grown biased and lean towards the assumption there must be some nefarious conspiracy behind nearly everything - irregardless of any & all evidence that might be even considered to prove otherwise.

Certainly, there's wisdom in questioning everything from all sources.

Yet, it doesn't take much to sway off-balance into cognitive biases which favor conspiracy theories over information that may come from more "official" sources.

And once descending down the rabbit hole, it can be difficult to stop.

And the deeper we go, the greater the potential for distortions and bullshit.

Within the depths, there are definitely facts worthy of consideration, that may provide a counterbalance to the biased data commonly propagated on the surface of mainstream narratives. Yet, in the quest for yet more answers, it's all too easy to pause and ask ourselves: is this helpful?

Even if there is much truth to alot of the theories... if much of it is outside of our control, how much good does it actually do us to know?

Just as it's been said there is a fine line between genius and insanity, so too, it might be looked at as this descent down the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories could potentially lead us to awakening - or to insanity.

Of course, the discovery of new truths and the awareness they bring can be greatly invigorating. Though at what point does the quest become mere distraction from pursuing our own destiny and mastering the forces within the reach of our independent control?

There's a great deal of mental courage and strength required in diving into the world of conspiracy theories. Yet, doing so may come with its share of risk in getting lost in a limited paranoia-based perspective from which it's difficult to emerge from. Perhaps there's even an addictive element to the search that keeps many going in search of more dots to connect, in hopes of coming even closer to some ultimate validation of the beliefs so much time & energy has been invested into - a victory promising an ultimate high, with each smaller hit of some new discovery providing enough of a buzz to keep going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole - so elated with the high, that we've become unaware we may have been digging our own graves, burying ourselves so deep under the weight of facts that may actually not even have all that much relevance to our own personal lives and soul mission.

As the saying goes:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing, expecting a different result.

An unspoken consensus within the conspiracy theory camp seems to be an underlying desire for positive change in the world... yet if diving down the rabbit hole to find all these facts about how corrupt things are and then propagate them, yelling that change is needed, has not brought about the change desired, have we really been expecting different results?


Several of the storylines in the conspiracy theory world have been around for well-over a decade. Certain facts - researched way back then - were blown out into narratives, the echoes of which are still circulating now. Yet, not all such storylines have not been updated since in accordance with evolutionary breakthroughs in collective consciousness.

There are certain sacred cows in popular theories that were founded on logical fallacies, which to this day, have rarely been questioned.

Countless people in the conspiracy theory world have spent countless hours diving down rabbit holes, chasing evidence for certain theories were were fundamentally flawed to begin with decades ago, focusing energy into the storylines of how corrupt the old system is.

Meanwhile, there are numerous organizations constructively building the new systems.

Case in point: Resonant Technologies Group.

This came to my attention tuning into the GLOBAL UNITY MEDITATION livestream. And holy fuck, what a complete different frequency than all the "conspiracy" stuff. For instance, just take a glimpse at those involved:

  • Deva Premal and Miten
  • Tony Robbins + Sage Robbins
  • Mooji
  • Nakho Bear
  • Michael Franti and Spearhead
  • Nassim Haramein
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek
  • Pujya Swamiji
  • Sadhviji
  • Guruji Sri Vast
  • John de Ruiter
  • Chief Phil Lane
  • Amoda Maa
  • Romio Shrestha
  • Preethaji
  • Friends of Charles Eisenstein
  • UNITY EARTHh (Ben Bowler)
  • HeartMath (Rollin Mcraty)
  • Crown Sterling (Robert Grant)
  • Gene Keys (Richard Rudd)
  • Resonant Technologies Group (Mark Hinds)
  • Clear Centre of Health (Beth Mcdougall, MD)

Partner Organizations:

  • Resonance Science Foundation
  • Resonant Technologies Group
  • Gene Keys
  • Synergized Impact Network Exchange
  • Cosmometry
  • HeartMath Institute
  • The Oasis Centre - Conferencing, Events & Weddings
  • Love Out Loud
  • Crown Sterling
  • Clear Centre of Health
  • Unify

Feel the difference in frequency between these guys and David Icke & Alex Jones?

While many whom have dove down the conspiracy rabbit holes as a means to getting "woke," has that focus generated the results we've been looking for?

Meanwhile, what about all these other individuals and organizations who've been equally committed to awakening, though travelling a path focused optimistically on consciously, deliberately collaboratively creating our future, rather than resisting the unverified storylines of how some "elite" had hoped to create it for us based on assumptions made years ago?

God bless Icke. He’s served excellently. Though he’s also remained fixed in the same narrative for years and despite having spoken to the concept of “love is all there is,” still appears to project an immense deal of anger in this most recent interviews & presentations - which though may certainly have its place, also has its limitations.


Having spent alot of time in the conspiracy camp, I can concretely say there's no way any of us can discredit it all. Certainly, there are some valid points and questions raised within it.

Yet, at what point does it become too much?

There's a time and place for everything. Yet eventually, there's a time to grow out of the rabbit holes, back up, out, and towards the light.

Skepticism can be healthy. Yet there comes a point in our awakening where we must take responsibility for assessing where we've restricted our consciousness through cognitive bias and let our old beliefs and selves that no longer serve our expansion die.

Though many of us have pointed fingers at some 'elite cabal' as the 'bad guys' attempting to enslave mankind into a control system, perhaps maturation requires an honest self-assessment of where we, ourselves, have attempted exerting some sense of control through subscription to stories that have removed the need for personal responsibility for optimistic, sovereign co-creation.

Maybe we need to dip our toes into a bit of insanity at some point, to experience one extreme of the full spectrum. Yet, there's no emergence into true awakening should we stay there.

As fun as the rabbit holes may be, there's a whole beautiful world above ground here for us humans to experience.

Maybe, at some level, the conspiracy cult's obsession with an elite partaking in endeavors in deep underground military bases is but a projection of our own shadows as we, ourselves, have kept ourselves exploring the darkness of the rabbit holes - rather than coming out into the fullness of the light.

Who knows.

Maybe it's all part of The Program.

All of it being but a minute fraction of the entirety to experience and explore, to process through on our own individually-appropriate timelines or not.

Of course, we each have the choice to engage or not.

Though perhaps, ultimately, that choice is one where true awakening requires correct response - not falling into the shadows of mind-based decisions, but following our own unique Strategy & Authority to adhere to the wisdom when we ask:

Is this helpful to my growth, or not?

Does these rabbit holes lead to increased separation & condemnation of my fellow human beings or peace & compassion?

Am I responsibly transmuting all the lead found these rabbit holes, rising again with gold to share abundantly for the benefit of all?


And for some absolutely fantastic further reading on the topic:

An Isolated Planet Where They Worship Narcissistic Morons & Conspiracy Theories


This quarantine has given me the opportunity to read and see some things I didn't see before. I have also seen long press conferences by some leaders who seek to explain what they cannot explain, and what is worse, they seek to wash their hands, when they have dirt up to their chins. What is clear to me is that there are many new facts for me about how power is handled and who has manipulated the information, (The story?). Perhaps the couch of ignorance has been very comfortable for many of us, hence it has been easier for the power to sweep the evidence under the rug. To tell you the truth, for a long time now I've been wandering between promise and disappointment, crisis and orphanhood, bewilderment and horror. You've seen the images from Ecuador! I cry in the face of so little humanity. I want to believe in God. I embrace you, @rok-sivante!

Ability to realize what is wrong backed by willingness to step aside is a good asset. That's what I've learned from your writeup. Thanks.

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