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RE: Where's the Rally?

in OCD4 months ago

The only reason there'd be a rally is if some whales were buying, completely ignorant that Sun has censored and frozen the funds of the witnesses he colluded to take out.

What smart investor would invest in a platform that was supposed to be decentralized yet ended up like this?

IMO, the only people who'd be buying Steem are idiots that have no understanding of the fundamentals and what a huge failure this system has been under Sun's "leadership" or very flimsy principles.


I suspect the same Sun acolytes that blindly buy Tron will do the same for STEEM. They hunger for a ruler. Such is the way of most of the general population. I'd like to find one freedom loving person who understands blockchain that intends to remain here. I have some small hope he'll end up dumping steem when it's all said and done and it recovers some of its former promise. I don't intend to bet much on that possibility however.

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