I found these be the take home points of your article.

QuoteOne: why did I bite the temptation to even go there in the first place and engage in a dialogue with such a person?

QuoteTwo: why am I still exerting my time and energy in this whole realm of conspiracy theories, dealing with such non-sensical debates, for what purpose? What have I been trying to prove to whom?

QuoteThe conspiracy theory world has spoken how important critical thinking is, to question everything... yet how willing are we to truly question everything - including all our own beliefs?

Question everything, but more so our own assumptions.

LOL. You're probably an undercover agent paid for by beings from another planet! ;) Seriously, every time I read you, you asked me what I was thinking or doing that I hadn't thought about all these things you're talking about. How many people we worship as idols have feet of clay? I come to the conclusion that I am one of those inhabitants of the world who stick my finger in her own navel and spin it. Like me, there are many of us who have been brainwashed not to question anything, not to question, not to argue: just to accept. Like the woman on Facebook, we block out those who don't think like us and follow those who are the same as us. I must admit, with some regret, that I do not have a facebook, because deep down I have refused to fall into infertile discussions and free exposures. For my mental health I prefer to isolate myself with a book, some music and beer. How irresponsible of me! I should take my finger out of my navel and start looking beyond my nose. Thanks a lot, @rok-sivante. A hug for you.

Maybe I am. Lol. I never got into the whole “starseed” thing, though there could be something to it, as I’ve never truly felt as though I’m from this planet, and could just have amnesia... 🤷‍♂️

I’ve always loved your comments, but stuff like this lately, they seem to be getting even more creative, playful, and colourful. Such interesting ways of thinking, metaphors, and such.

On the flip side... it’s likely that many who have been “brainwashed” and don’t question thing might often live more simply and contently, which is its own blessing. Digging so deep can be a curse of its own, falling down rabbit holes into infinity and always seeking more knowledge, discontent with the faults of society - it’s not always the happiest of routes.

I suppose that where’s there’s value in the notorious middle ground...

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