Photo Models with Strong Indonesian Themes

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Photo Models with Strong Indonesian Themes


Hello everyone. Today is a day of disaster for all of us, the entire community in the world. I mean this calamity is a coronavirus outbreak. Since the coronavirus has to be at home, we have to go everywhere to wear masks, keep our distance, keep our health and more. Since the coronavirus outbreak in the world, many people have died, some are cured, some are being treated in hospitals. Even now we come home from something where we have to check our health and isolation at home for 14 days in order to maintain our health.


The photo above is a photo of my friend taken by a photographer with a strong Indonesian theme. At present, there are also many other calamities that are not only co-19 namely floods and natural disasters. We do not know when this co-19 will end and all of them certainly hope that co-19 will end soon from this world. My family and I will maintain our health while at home. During the coronavirus outbreak, we also have to go everywhere using masks and washing hands after returning home.


Currently there are also many traders who do not sell well because sellers are lazy to get out of the house, even if they go out they buy enough for the future. I also pray that the virus corona outbreak will quickly disappear.


A photographer certainly has each style that is used to get maximum and beautiful photos. The photo was taken on the hill closest to where we live. That's all I can share with you all.

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