5 Reasons You Should STOP Drinking Soft Drinks!

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Soft drinks are bad for health. But unfortunately, it has become part of our daily routine. None of us can even think to separate these drinks from our celebration events or parties. I know that it will hurt most of us since we've become foodies, who can't even imagine cutting these soft drinks from our lunch or dinner diet. But if we want the best for ourselves, we'll have to pay attention to what medical experts say about it.

It may sound quite dramatic. But soft drinks are indeed packed with dangerous side-effects, which can even lead to chronic diseases such as diabetes. Even for those who set some fitness goals for themselves, these sugary drinks boost their calories-intake and that too in the form of carbohydrates.

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I won't deny that these sweet beverages are very pleasing, but what will you do if you'd have to choose between your life and soft drinks? I'm sure that you will choose the latter. Many studies suggest that sweet beverages are the cause of many diseases and issues that people are facing nowadays. Today. I'm going to share some of those reasons with you that why you should stop consuming sugary drinks right away, or keep it as minimal as possible.

1. It leads to type-2 diabetes:

Sugary drinks are one of the contributors to diabetes. While it is understandable that you don't have much control over type-1 diabetes, but you can reduce the possibilities of type-2 diabetes by keeping the consumption of sugar at a moderate level. According to one of the studies of 2010, drinking one or more sugar-sweetened beverages increase the chances of type-2 diabetes by 26%.

When you consume these soft drinks, your glucose level in the blood spikes, and you won't even feel it at the time of consumption. The pleasing taste of these drinks will make you drink even more, which will directly affect your diet. To reduce the chances of type-2 diabetes, it's best that you either stop consuming these soft drinks or consume only dietary drinks.

2. It increases the risk of chronic kidney disease:

You can guess better. If one sugary drink increases your risk of diabetes by 26%, how much can multiple drinks affect your kidney? Kidney disease means that your kidney loses the ability to filter the blood because of the damage.

According to a study published in Epidemiology, those people who drink 2 or more cola beverages are at a higher risk of chronic kidney disease, which includes problems of urine, kidney stones, and hypertension, etc. And if you browse the official site of coca-cola company, they say that cola is being consumed at the rate of 1.9 billion drinks per day.

3. It makes you gain weight:

Nothing upsets a fitness freak as much as gaining all the weight again for which he worked hard for years. It takes only a week or two to gain all the weight and store all the fat in the abdominal area (belly fat). Consequently, though you don't lose your upper body shape, your increased stomach size makes you look like a fatty person.

These sugar-sweetened soft drinks affect you in multiple ways. Sugar makes you crave to consume even more, and you keep adding the empty calories by eating more of it. It also increases your craving for other food items because of the enhanced taste of them. 330ml can of coke contains 139 calories, and if you drink 2 cans a day, you are adding approx 280 calories that are empty, doesn't fulfill your cravings, and instead, they make you hungry.

4. It leads to dental issues:

Teeth are one of the blessings of God upon us. Without it, we can't chew most of the food. Though there are medical alternatives nowadays, nothing beats the natural teeth. The best thing you can do is to protect them from all the possible attacks. But unfortunately, some of us are just too careless about our teeth.

All of these sugar-sweeten beverages directly attack your teeth because of the acid and soda that they contain. The acid and soda touch with the plaque on your teeth which destroys your tooth enamel. Furthermore, when this beverage goes into your mouth, it combines with all the bacteria to form acid. The tooth decay problem is fairly common among kids and adults.

5. It affects your metabolism:

The empty calories that we add in our diet are hard to burn due to the high amount of sugar. Not only they are hard to burn, but they also affect our metabolism and may decrease the usual burning rate of calories. To avoid messing up with your metabolism, it is recommended that you switch from sugar-sweetened beverages to diet soda.

Diet soda is also harmful, though, but not as much as compared to sugar-sweetened beverages. If you're on diet, you should start consuming hot water during your meals as it improves your metabolism. This view is supported by many studies. But since it's not our topic, we'll discuss it some other day.

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