Trip to Portugal - Lisbon

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Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and the center of a multifaceted region that appeals to different tastes and senses.




In a city that has been receiving many different cultures from far and wide distances over time, a village breath is still felt in every historic neighborhood.




Both north and south of the capital, the wide variety of landscapes and heritage is always within walking distance. With beaches, natural parks, cultural routes and accommodation for all tastes, it is difficult to escape the Lisbon region on a visit to Portugal.




Lisbon is a city that makes you want to discover it, seeing what appears in each neighborhood, on each street. It is a friendly and safe city. With a lot to see, but relatively small. It is ideal for spending several days or a starting point for touring the country. It is old. It is modern. It is, without a doubt, always surprising.


Lisbon is a cosmopolitan city, with good access and just a few hours away from any European capital.And there is so much to see and do that it is difficult to have enough time to see everything you want, with time.


WELCOME to my blog on Steem blockchain. Here you will find several trips I take in Portugal and information about the main monuments, squares, streets, palaces... These photos were taken all by my mobile phone! Hope you like it. Hug from PORTUGAL!
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Great pics, great blog, great explanations and info! 😊
Totally agree with you!

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