The fortress and the sea - Cape Kaliakra

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Cape Kaliakra is a narrow peninsula that enters the Black Sea for a distance of almost two kilometers. It is composed of layers of limestone rocks, and its height above sea level is about 70 m. It can be reached there, either coming from Vama Veche - Romania or from Varna - Bulgaria.

It is said that Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of fishermen, was running away from the Ottomans, and God was stretching the earth beneath his feet to help him escape. That's how Cape Kaliakra was formed. Cape Kaliakra means "beautiful cape", the Thracians called it "Tirizis", the Romans "Acra", the Turks "Celigra Burun" and the Byzantines "Acres Castellum".


Lover of the sea, of fine beaches but also of the seascapes, at the first holiday in Bulgaria I put on the first place the visit of Cape Kaliakra. Said and done.

Arrived at the destination we enter the fortress, observing the rebuilt gate, the only vestige left standing completely. The access gate is shaped like Roman arches, simple, with two small rectangular windows for the observation of enemies. Even the battlements kept pretty well. This is the first place we stop to take pictures. I was not unlucky either, so after 2 minutes of photos, I noticed the figure of a dolphin gently moving from the area of ​​red rocks due to the iron oxides.

We passed by a gentleman who perfectly animated the atmosphere, playing the guitar, the whole painting being absolutely magical. We pass the access gate, heading towards the promontory. I notice a few small stairs that go down to the sea, I venture out, take my heart in my teeth, make a superb picture of the remnant of a bow near the sea and continue my way to the end of the rocks. At large you can see the midi farm from Dalboka and Balchik. The adventure continues on the narrow alley, lined with pieces of stone, linked by a very thick chain to prevent tourists from descending the high shore with reddish soil. The alley is on a slope.


Following the alley, I found a terrace of a restaurant called "Castello di Kaliakra Ristorante", very beautifully arranged where you can serve fish dishes and other delights. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of tourists that pervaded the terrace, many stopping to take a break before the last stop, the end of the peninsula or so-called belvedere area. The view is magnificent. You can also dine inside the cave, where I felt like in a cave.


As a general impression, Cape Kaliakra offered me a very beautiful perspective on the Kavarna area. At least, I was fascinated by the spectacular promontory, 2 km long, with vertical and reddish rocks that rise to 70 m above sea level. I am allowed to place Cape Kaliakra on the leading spot of a ranking that encompasses all the sights on the Black Sea coast. The feeling of stepping back in time contrasts with the movement of the windmills that are seen in the area.


Thank you for reading!



Outstanding #walkwithme! I really would have loved to hear the gentleman on the guitar, a perfect addition to a perfect day.

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