Patio Macro Practice

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I took a little time over the weekend while sitting on the patio to practice my macro shots. I purchased a new telephoto lens in February but hadn't really tried out the macro option on it yet. So I got out the instructions, placed the lens in macro mode and fired away. Hope you enjoy some of the results.:)

Click images for larger view

With 8 inches of lens hanging out there, holding the camera steady was not an easy task.

I wasn't able to get a lens that I could afford with vibration reduction that would work with my camera. So I upped the shutter speed and played with the f stop and iso settings. It was all kind of trial and error for me but a great learning experience.

I found that most of my shots came out underexposed but some were overexposed. I had a hard time finding the sweet spot. Luckily I was able to salvage them with Lightroom.

This last shot was probably the best exposure I was able to attain with just camera settings. Looking forward to some more practice and hopefully a little better outcome in the future. :)

These last two really aren't macros but I kind of liked them so I through them in. :)

Click images for larger view

Photos taken by me, @oldmans, with a Nikon D3300 and some Lightroom post processing.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!


Great work 👍🏾 !trdo

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Thank you!

I really love that second shot. I can feel some tiny hooks on the flower.
All together, you got some amazing shots.

Thank you, much appreciated! You can definitely see a lot more detail not visible to the naked eye. Especially my older eyes. :)

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