Sublimely Beautiful Sunday

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Well the weekend is rolling to an end now. I hope you all had a

Sublimely Beautiful Sunday

as often happens on Sundays, I spend a good deal of time in the kitchen. A chore I dont really mind. I got the old griddle fired up and banged out some crepes!



Yum!! With strawberries or


Or blueberries, and whipped cream. It doesnt matter the frit, but its got to have whipped cream!!


For lunch I did up some potstickers. I love those things!!! This is a before the frying pan...


This is the after...


Plate those bad boys up!


The Beautiful Sunday and Sublime Sunday tags are some of my faves! I want to thank @ace108 for running the beautiful Sunday tag every week and keeping such detailed stats and supporting the accounts. Also, a shout out to @c0ff33a for the sublime Sunday tag where your random Sunday posts are always welcome!


The sun was out today. I am sure that is NOT a big deal where you are from, but in the frozen tundra of Miserable Michigan, it is a seldom albeit welcomed sight. Of course one must heed the adage of "Make hay while the sun shines", so we did that.


We went sledding! What fun! Comfy too on inner-tubes. Nice air ride suspension.


The less fun thing is what goes down, needs to come up again LOL


Just make sure you dont get your gloves wet LOL


Of course if you get tired (or lazy) talk someone else to pull you up the hill LOL.


Always a good time!


Have a good week!


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It sure is looking much more wintry than here. There is no snow at all here. All grey and gloomy. The sun just peeked from behind clouds but it's now completely overcast again.

Happy Sunday, @old-guy-photos! Your crepes and pot stickers look great. I’ve never made homemade pot stickers before. I’m going to have to try that. Great sledding videos and pics!

Oh well I have a video of how I do it. I will tag you and post it :)

Awesome! Thank you. I appreciate it, @old-guy-photos.

Looks fun! Been a while since i went sledding and I wish i knew how to make crepes but im not the world's best cook lol

too much whip cream but the potstickers look perfect.

All is well, Delicious all item and the great environment. Super Happy Sunday!

Of course I'm jealous of the winter wonderland you have. Sledding and thoughts of hot chocolate with a leftover- from- Christmas peppermint stick. Perfection!

I never did catch on with potstickers, somaybe I'll peruse through your video. Seems like you're got this one on speed dial.

Happy beautiful Suday. Sublimely so!

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Love the fun sledding/sliding photos.

Hmmmm, your crepes looks absolutely delicious @old-guy-photos