Making my own Maple Syrup in the back yard....yum.

in OCD7 months ago (edited)

Quarantined and no sugar ?

No Problem.... make your own.

We have only 2 Sugar Maple Trees in our yard.... the rest are Pine, spruce, fir and Apple Trees.

But from those 2 Sugar Maple Trees we get enough sap to make all our own Maple syrup.

There is nothing better than your own home made Maple syrup.






My Maple Syrup Home Movie:


Really cool. We don’t have those trees here in our yard. You should send some our way.

Lots of Sugar Maples out East. It’s a good thing .... we LOVE Maple Syrup.

You can usually buy a small Sugar Maple sapling at Walmart for about $10.... they grow fast. If you plant 4 or 5 you will be tapping them in about 10 years. Plant them now.

Cast Iron for the win. This looks like a lot of fun!

Yep.... we cook everything in this little Dutch Oven.

Oh that's badass

Thanks. We do this every year. So happy I planted a few Sugar Maple Trees 25 years ago....

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