Aww, @nickyhavey what a sweet thing to say!
I am suppose to pass on from Lefty n Knuckles, they weren't tearing up it was allergies & they are still holding on to those 3 toes, only til next Friday though. Ehehehe, weeeeeeh <3

Ah yes they did say they had hay fever that day 😀 not much gets passed those "fine young gentlemen"! 😇

If it's only 3 toes, that's not so bad as I can still do my running/hiking challenge. It's nice they still leave me with the minimum requirements wehhhhhhh


On the beat! Nice to see your music, hear about your travel blog success, awesome news, have a great day!

Thanks a lot Joan! Got to share some good vibes around here, people be thinking it's the end of the world of late!

Ha ha we are all beating our way down to the end of our 'world', it's how we spend the time before....

Why when listening to this do I feel the need to break out the old power editor and start laying down pepe dribbling clips to this beat?

That's the power of DnB mate haha! Be glad it doesn't make you start breaking out the old pills and end up looking like our dribbly raving friend Ol' Blue Shirt here:

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