So glad you're having fun! Great distractions from the shennanigans of Steemit and one's day job....

I have to say I've been enjoying doing the mixes again and I've been mostly buried in the studio, work and 3D stuff.

It's been difficult to fully grasp what's going on with steem and I want up make sure I'm informed but there's so much conflicting information and arguments going on, I'll read one article and then the other would be the opposite! I've proxied, unproxied witness votes a couple of times and in the end I just thought, sod it, I'll vote for no one until I can see the woods for the trees.

Meanwhile, it's back to the studio.


Awesome man! That is my afternoon listening sorted out.

Thanks for the tunez Nicky :)

Haha, thanks man and enjoy the beats Rowan! Hope it gives you the energy you need to power through this Friday!

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