Hey there! Thanks mate, so many don't. I think 8 out if 10 here don't know, or know the extent of it, although that would be bacause a lot of people here weren't born here or care about our history. I've got a few more coming which will get into the actual bombings and aftermath.

Thanks for commenting. (It's not interesting to most I guess, so I appreciate it.)

No worries. I like a read that is actually a read and your stuff always is worth it :0)

Oh thanks man, means a lot. ✅

Yar welcome ya bastid. (Just keeping you grounded)


Bwahaha...Thank fuck, my head was swelling so much it was getting in the way of my Lego building.

Boom saved the day!

Can't have no interfering with the Lego building!!

I know right? I'm about an hour away from completing the prime mover section of my Mack build. Oh the triumph!

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