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Recently I finished creating my code of morality for the presence and the future. I try to live with these sentences in mind.
Maybe You will find them interesting. I added a few sentences commentary for most points:

I. Don’t give attention to those who desire attention.

In the past, kids were dreaming of becoming a famous director, famous actor, famous scientist, famous sportsman/sportswoman, famous politician etc.
Unfortunately, now a lot of kids are dreaming of becoming… just famous. Without noun. The source of fame is unimportant, the easier the better.
I claim that a human should be someone, not like-how-one. Fake dream of becoming famous is a fabrication.

II. Help other people with achieving their dreams, but don’t give them ready to fulfill dreams on a silver tray.

Life is about continous processes, not about discrete results. The process of acheiving dream is more important and satisfiable then the dream itself. The harder we need to work on it, the more we respect it.
Disclaimer: Do an exception for people who are closed to death and cannot make their dreams true anymore alone.

III. Don’t let a coincidence decide about Your life.

Before action, think about reasons why are You doing it. Don’t become a doctor only because Your grandmother/mother wanted You to become a doctor. You need to be happy Yourself to make other people happy.

IV. It is better to do good things for others than only for our well-being, but it is still better to do good things for our wellness than to not to do good things at all.

No comment.

V. Speaking is silver and silence is a gold, but in some usage silver is more usable than gold.

Always think before You speak. But if You are sure that You should speak, don’t hesitate.
Here are 3 questions You should ask before speaking:

  • Does it need to be said?
  • Does it need to be said by me?
  • Does it need to be said now?
    If You answered Yes for all 3 questions, show Yourself!


VI. If in Your life there is no place for Courage, then all other odds are unimportant.

If You do something properly, it is not relevant if You don’t do that. Not all fight You will win. But if You don’t try, You lose almost all.

VII. The truth will hurt us.

Some things are true even if You don’t know about themm or if You don’t like of them, or even if You don’t accept them. Deal with it. But without realising the hurtign truth, You don’t have chance to change it.

VIII. The truth will free us.

In Your mind You can have any world You want. But Your action should be proper for our common reality. Denying something will not make it disappear.

IX. Quality is more imporant than quantity. Therefore there are 9 advices, although You probably expected 10 :)

Stay cool!

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