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One of the biggest lessons for me doing all I do is the benefit of having a calm demeanor. The Crypto market and the world in general is raging with a lot of noise, and the man who wants to live above the noise must first learn to surround himself in the calm.

I've gone to crazy lengths at times to get this calm, and I can honestly say that the benefits is worth the work in every way my friends. I have read a lot of self help books on the topic, at some point I began to read Buddha books on the topic to nurture that calm.

I remember back then when I used to take a shower almost every 2 hours, cos that feeling of the water from a shower cascading your body brought an epic calm to me. I've also practised a bit of meditation all to attain the level of calm that I desire. And most times I'm up all night working cos that's when a lot of the world is asleep and there is less noise and distractions.

Like I said I've done a lot of things for the calm. But the benefits it did honestly bring was way worth it. It surpassed the sacrifices to attain it. The calm gives you the unique strength that only a few have to make decisions rationally, without them getting beclouded by emotions and attachments.

Have I attained the level of calm I would like? Most definitely not. There is still a level of work to be done and more things to learn. But I can tell you my friends, that everyone should strive for this calm cos it truly is beautiful.

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