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RE: Insert steem-destroyer here: A post about commenting and other things

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Like your statements and agree on the comments, comments, comments. The bigger issue is how do we remove those abusers from the system or de-value their downvote if their rating is low? Yes, they could create new accounts, but they will soon tire of that back and forth as well. Most experienced users simply ignore these as common pests, but it can be an emotional blow to new users just getting into the community. Let's remember that encouraging new users with quality posts is what helps us build and grow stronger. I for one make a point to look at introduction posts at least once or twice a week and upvote some, while welcoming them. I remember how nice it was when starting out to get that first nice upvote! Let's keep building!


I agree with everything you say here and could have said it better.

There's nothing more to add I guess...Except, here's some ENGAGE.


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Wow and thanks for that! After I thought more, I wondered if maybe the wonderful programmers here could simply add a requirement that simply limits downvoting capability to those with say minimum 30-40 reputation. That would require the spammy downvoters to participate in a legitimate way for at least a while, and then also remove that power from them when they abuse and get downvoted themselves. It would also keep them from just creating new bogus accounts to downvote from. Many I've seen are in the negative reputation numbers, and I wonder why they are allowed to stay.

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