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RE: Sometime all what I need is ...

in OCD4 years ago

Such a nice view :D

Hope all is well. Been bored locked up at home. Still waiting for your new post.

Gonna move over to the Hive platform we've been hearing about since Justin Sun bought Steemit?


I already posted on Hive. Haha. I’m not quite ready to quit steemit so my solution is to hang in both platforms. Hope to see you there, too.

I read the news. Seem like it’s getting worse in US.
Stay safe and sound!

I do hope it ends soon. Been so lazy lol. Just on the computer 24/7 looking at stocks.

Does Hive have an app in the store yet? I went to the website but it doesnt seem very straightforward. If you think I should switch over, you should let me know!

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