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RE: A tailor-made trekking tour with three H'mong little kids - Ta Van Village, Sapa, Vietnam

in OCD4 years ago

The corona virus is blown out of proportion in the US. I dislike hearing about it. I feel like there is a lot more racism going on towards asians here. Maybe the hostility is real or it could all be in my head.

That's awesome you visited the Hmong people. I met a couple of ethnic Hmongs in school as well and they were some of the nicest people. The pictures you took of the kids and the heart is very sweet!


I heard what is going on with asians these days in Europe and US. Plz take good care.

You rarely come back Vietnam, don’t you?

I haven't been able to get the chance. I've definitely limited my freedom these past couple months.

Thanks for asking. It seems like you're always traveling so im always curious to see your posts.

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