Native wear art illustrations

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As promised in my introductory post, that I will always post my art works, here is an illustration I made. This illustration represents a fashion show of traditional agbada wear in Nigeria.

What I did first.
I downloaded an image of a popular actor, Ninalowo Bolanle, and the work started.

images (27).jpeg

Step 1
I imported the image to my workshop and traced it out to show the full shape and structure of the image. Different artists have different ways of starting up a project, but I started this with strokes.


It continues by adding background solid colour to the image, some aspects of the colour requires reduced opacity, while I added gradient to some aspect (gradient is used to cast shadow in-out)


I sketch a shoe and trouser to make the diagram a full one and attractive one.. and also imported the head of my character that I use in making animation stories on youtube which I named Gedo.


Boom! This is the final sketch




.. As we all know we have so many softwares and most artists used Illustrator and Photoshop. I used Moho pro 12.
Though most people don't find it good to use for designs but I love using it to safe myself the stress of working on illustrator and importing to Moho for animation..

If you are into fashion I can do more of this to promote your fashion or fashion show.

Give your comments, suggestions to keep us moving.

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