"Your friend liked this so we thought you would like to see it"

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I have to be in Facebook. Because I'm an entrepreneur. And because I have to be where my customers are. I wouldn't want to be in Facebook. I DON'T want to be in Facebook. I hate Facebook. Not so much because of the thing that it is centralized. Only a little because of that. Mostly because of something bigger.

Because it shows me things I don't want to see. And I don't mean people with extreme opinions or hate speech or stupid people who immediately ask help for something that was literally just explained few seconds or minutes ago to someone else. Or people who just can't bother to click a link because they don't want any links. They want someone to copypaste that looooooooong text to someones wall to help that some other person who is too lazy to click a link that someone helpful linked. For them. There.

No, I don't mean those. Those people are everywhere. You just can't escape them. They bother me a little but it's not just a Facebook issue. So I've learned to tolerate them. Or ignore the behavior.

But what I do not, I repeat, what I do not want to see in my Facebook feed how someone else, some of my friends or "friends" liked someones photo or text who I don't either know or who I barely know or who I used to know some... ten or twenty or more years ago.

I do not take part in challenges. I repeat. I do not take part in challenges. And it's a good thing that I never write anything to my personal pages so everyone has forgotten me and they do not post challenges to my freakin' Facebook wall. Because most of those challenges are just to show of how freaking awesome you are (aren't but like to polish your cover) or the challenge takes the focus away of the real problem that it is trying make better or people just do the challenge and continue their day doing the exact opposite what the challenge just tried to teach people. Blue lights on a building wall to tribute the nurses but no extra pay for them. Turn off the light for one hour in one evening of the year and announce that in Facebook but waste energy every hour, every day of the year. Do not eat meat and tell everyone who do that that they are terrible people and they should change their ways but travel with plain to holidays every change you get and justify it by saying that this is my hobby and I think I am allowed to some pleasures. Because you are special.

So why, oh why do I see some of my friends liking or commenting other people who I either do not know at all or know enough so that I know the challenge is utter shit on their behalf?

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