Wedding Gift Portrait Drawing for a Lovely Couple!

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Hi Steemians, Happy Valentines day!

Today reminded me of a portrait drawing I did for a lovely couple who got married recently in the last year. She is a friend of my mother and drew this as a wedding gift for them.

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I don't have the process photos with me but this is a photo of my first attempt. I was not happy with the way it was looking so I started over. I tried to draw the vertical and horizontal contours like I would when drawing from life however, since I was drawing from a photo it was not the same. It becomes more technical when copying from a photo and you focus more on accuracy than anything else. It was strange going back to this after drawing from life so much.

So I decided to start over but this time no special techniques, how I used to do it. I draw rough shapes and lines with light pencils to get the basic portrait and then go into more detail usually starting with the eyes as they are the most important feature in portraits. I use pencils like 8B and 6B to get the darkest tones. I used a little bit of pen around the eyes, mouth and hair to get even darker tones and a rubber for highlights. It was done on A3 paper and took me several hours to complete. There are little things that I wish I changed but you have to finish a drawing at some point and stop being perfectionistic.

Finished piece


Original Photo


steemit banner.png
Thanks for reading this post and let me know if you liked it!


Marvelous work from you friend. There is no how they won't love this.

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Thanks, they really liked it.

Lovely! I really like the effect and texture.

That is really beautiful drawing, I actually liked it more than a photo, you did work very well on contrast of lights of the face of girl which is more in shadow and the man who is more exposed to light. Stunning drawing and Happy Valentine's day!

Thanks very much Stef, wishing you a happy valentine's Day too!

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