Perfection - Watercolor Painting

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This is a water color painting of a young woman. I used the golden ratio proportions to create that intense and perfect look. I explored what it would look like to just use two strong colors blue and red and see what it would look like if the paint dripped. I also made the pupils extra small to create that stare and atmosphere in the piece. Took some inspiration from the artist Agnes Cecile.

What do you think of it? Was it effective? Let me know in the comments...


Thanks for checking out my post and supporting my work :)

-- Ian


Hi Ian, you are brave than me, I also was thinking about such loose watercolor experiment to let the color flow and to mix with other one to create a natural mix but still did not reach that moment. I never thought of idea of using minimal colors but that on other hand depending on the quantity of water and pigment may also bring the different colors as primary colors we can create other from then.

I like how you have done eyes, they have such depth and viewer automatically concentrating on pupils.

I am glad you started using watercolor there is so much potential and discovery, would be nice to see your further works :)

Yes watercolors can be quite fun I let them drip down the page and the more watery they are the easier it is to do but then it can lack contrast so it's good to go over but with less water. Also watercolors can get quite messy so I just stuck to two.
This painting was from one of my old sketchbooks that I did a while back but I do want to get back into painting when I have more free time over the summer.

hola amigo, es bueno ver que estas trabajando en esta técnica, si haces el boceto en grafito claro tienes la ventaja de tener una idea mas clara de donde vas a colocar los tonos oscuros y claros, todo va bien con la practica vas perfeccionando tu técnica

Hola, primero dibujé esto con lápiz y luego usé acuarela.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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