Pig skull

in OCD12 days ago


When we ate a roasted piglet last January, I decided to keep the skull and preserve it. It was too late when I thought of preserving it though cos they already chopped it in half! I am just left with these parts.

I am planning to keep it and maybe put it in my future sculpture work. Possibly in the next coming months when this covid thing is done. Have no tools and materials for making a sculpture now. :D


All you need is some plaster. lol I'm kidding! A sophisticated artist like you would definitely need some legit ass material to make a sculpture! ;)

Plaster is a legit material as well. :P we have used it in art school, I didn't like it, was too vulnerable and messy haha.

Me too I used them in school but different purpose though lol.
powder stones can be a more stable choice. :)