Some Leafy Photos From Manay Trip

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These were taken from my Manay Trip last year and this was posted here before. This is one of the posts that I admire and I love the photos that I took here, mainly because it was quite new to me at that time.

When I was at Manay, Davao Oriental, there was a bit of a hill just a few walk from the rest house and it was inviting me to climb it. Guess what? I did climb it. I was just curious about what's up there. Can I get a lovely view of the beach? Am I going to see mythical creatures? Am I going to see a colorful snake again that looks like a toy and when I touch it it will actually move and that it is a real snake and will decide I am not worthy of its bite? (Uhmm yeah it happened to me before but can you blame me? It was a pretty snake!). So I brought my earphones and camera with me, said my farewell to my friends (because who knows I might roll over the hill and die, jk) and walked right up.

So here are the pictures that I took:



As a curator here on Steem, I've seen and admired lots of macro photographs with bokeh and those pretty stuff so it got me inspired to take close up shots of some random living things as well as the dead ones.


I honestly don't know what you call that but I'm fine with calling it erected photosynthesizer friend.


Some green stuff with babies on it.



Can you handle the sassiness of the leaf? Love the attitude, girl.


Does this photo remind you of anyone? That girl from the Sierra mountains of California? It reminded me of her, too. Lol. insert quotes from famous authors here


Hi friend. Can I eat you? Identify yourself pls.


One small black ant can be seen inside and sent a Youtube link because he couldn't say "Hi" to me.


Henlo veggies.



And this is me.


You okay, fellas? You look dehydrated.



Hello there, little bugger.

I didn't get a lovely view of the beach because there were coconut trees blocking my view (I know, so rude). So I just imagined what it looked like above and I was happy with it. No snakes and some weird animals but I'm pretty sure I've heard what sounded like hissing somewhere.


Good ones dear! You seriously are making me miss pinas.
I want to go back naaa! ;/

Nature is really a beautiful subject for photography and any art form. I like your photos. Congrats!

Adorable pictures. Such great photography skills you own.
Keep flourishing.

Some lovely shots here and that forest one grabbed me by the feet Lol.

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incredible details!!! What is your camera?

Thank you! I'm just using Nikon d3200 with kit lens.

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