Painting an Island in Blue Seas

in OCD3 years ago

Sharing my work with you Steemians of a tropical island

It's an acrylic on canvas with many layers to it


Starting off with my tools and brushes and getting an idea of my project. Because it's a big canvas I decided to draw on the floor which has its ups and downs....


First getting a feel for the drawing. I had an idea of making a painting of an island with lots of water... but what exactly?




I first thought it would be interesting drawing some mountains to the right side, but not too long I felt that they were a big too heavy and didn't catch the mood I was trying to depict.


a9.jpg I started over :D But the clouds are still there...


Getting closer to what I was aiming for...


And filling in the details. Lots of plam trees!



And finally, the outcome :))


Acrylic on canvas

If you are interested in an individualized Portrait, leave me a message!



Aaawsss this painting is so relaxing!! I love how it looks just perfect without having to put more things in there like sun or fish or whatever. The composition is just right. Love it :D

thank you :))

Seometimes we don´t know the background history about the things that are self made and that we have at home, it is amazing your creation!

This looks great, I'd love some

Wow what a beautiful painting. I love the sea and your blues are magical. Thank you for sharing your artistic work. Regards @gulugu

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