Vitamin C.

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Lately i was kind of daydreaming making my own curation community. I was thinking about the technical stuff, the idea behind, the curation process etc. Of course what it need the most is a good funding behind but dreams are free so i decided to work a little with it even though i knew it would never happen. The best thing out of this process was that i was inspired a bit and made some new artworks.

I was thinking of sth fresh and positive and so the name Vitamin C came to my mind. Nice cool name with a strong correlation to our current events and it set the tone for the visuals. I used a collection of vintage photographs from the 50's and 60's and cut a whole lot of fruit illustrations. Then it was more like a game, mix and match in order to create a beautiful result. i hope you will enjoy my gif creations.

bettie commenity header3.jpg


Hi George, you are absolutely right so long there is no big support of the curation it is difficult to make people interested. I can fully understand what you mean and being here on Steem for last 3 years as well as the experience of the curation trials we know how it is.

I am still really glad to see such beautiful and fresh, collage, that reminds me an orange juice. Really nice GiF and inspiration :)

Without curation groups we have nothing, just a few whales voting themselves and the people who serve their interests...

Thank you so much for your kind words:)

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